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HECO Pouch Shape LiFePO4 Cells 5AH 10AH 15AH 20Ah Lithium Polymer Batteries

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: HECO
Certification: MSDS,UN38.3, CE, IEC62133
Model Number: See list below
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1000pcs
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 15~30 ps/carton, carton size: 570*240*230mm
Delivery Time: Sample: within 5 days, bulk order:15~40 days, according to the order quantity
Payment Terms: T/T (30% advance payment, 70% balance payment to deliver the goods), Western Union, Paypal
Supply Ability: 1000~2000 pcs/ day
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Detail Information

Voltage: 3.2V Capacity: 5Ah-30Ah
Chemistry: LFP Dimensions: See List Below
Discharge Rate: 1C-3C Charge Rate: 0.5C-1C
High Light:

8Ah Lithium-Ion Battery


Rechargeable Battery Cell

Product Description



Polymer / pouch shape lithium cell has the advantages of higher energy density, compacter size, lighter in weight and higher safety performance than other shapes lithium cells. Beside, LiFePO4 chemistry has the best safety performance. So Pouch shape + LiFePO4 makes HECO LiFePO4 pouch cells the safest cells among all. HECO developped both high power rate and high energy density pouch cells. 2ah and 5ah models are at 35C discharge rate which are suitable for drone, power tools, car jump starter, etc. 5AH-10AH models are at 1C discharge rate which are more suitable for electronic instruments, apparatus and other applications that have size limitation. 10AH-20AH models are at 3C discharge rate can be used as light-duty power batteries. 

1. compact size

2. High safety: No fire nor explosion, when borken, only swell or leakage;

3. Long cycle life: More than 2500 times (charge and discharge at 1C, 80% capacity retention after 2500 cycles);
4. support 1C discharge rate and 0.5C charge rate, suitable for instruments or other low power consumption applicances
5. No memory effect

 LiFePO4 Cells List in Pouch shape

Model Nominal Voltage Nominal Capacity Resistance Coninuous Discharge Current Discharge Cut-off Voltage Charge Current Charge Cut-off Voltage Dimensions (MAX) Approx Weight Cycle Life
  V Ah A V A V mm(T*W*L) g  
1060100 3.2 5 ≤7 ≤1C 2.3 ≤0.5C 3.65 10*60*100 125 ≥2000
0868130 3.2 5 ≤6.5 ≤1C 2.3 ≤0.5C 3.65 8.2*68*130 160 ≥2000
0682130 3.2 5 ≤6.5 ≤1C 2.3 ≤0.5C 3.65 6*82*130 160 ≥2000
1268130 3.2 7.5-8 ≤6 ≤1C 2.3 ≤0.5C 3.65 12*68*130 171 ≥2000
0982130 3.2 7.5-8 ≤5 ≤1C 2.3 ≤0.5C 3.65 9*82*130 205 ≥2000
1282130 3.2 10 ≤4 ≤1C 2.3 ≤0.5C 3.65 12*82*130 240 ≥2000
09105155 3.2 10 ≤4 ≤3C 2.3 ≤0.5C 3.65 9*105*155 240 ≥2000
11105155 3.2 15 ≤3 ≤3C 2.3 ≤1C 3.65 12*105*155 347 ≥2000
06133202 3.2 15 ≤3 ≤3C 2.3 ≤1C 3.65 12*115*130 347 ≥2000
08133202 3.2 20 ≤2 ≤3C 2.3 ≤1C 3.65 7.8*133*202 530 ≥2000
  3.6 30   3C   1C        
  3.6 30   6C   2C        

Re: Models in bold are most commonly used which are in stock.





HECO Pouch Shape LiFePO4 Cells 5AH 10AH 15AH 20Ah Lithium Polymer Batteries

                  5Ah- 0660100







HECO Pouch Shape LiFePO4 Cells 5AH 10AH 15AH 20Ah Lithium Polymer Batteries










HECO Pouch Shape LiFePO4 Cells 5AH 10AH 15AH 20Ah Lithium Polymer Batteries

                                        10ah- 1282130








HECO Pouch Shape LiFePO4 Cells 5AH 10AH 15AH 20Ah Lithium Polymer Batteries






1. The lead time of one batch of pouch shape cells takes at least 25 days. So if no stock, the delivery time is long. 

2. Pouch shape cells can be custom made. Usually the customization means that the thickness can be changed when production. We can do the thickness from 5mm to12mm. For example, 1282130 model is of 10ah capacity at 12mm tickness. If the thickness is reduced to be 9mm, then the capacity is to be 8Ah. If making the thickness to be 6mm, then the capacity is to be 5ah.

3. Cell models in stock only have 2 models. 1282130-10ah and 08133202-20ah. The MOQ of these two models is 200pcs. The MOQ of other models is 1000pcs which is the minimum quanity that one cell production line can produce in one time.

4. Sample cells can be offered. Sample cells do not have MOQ requirement.


Company Introduction:

HECO New Energy, established in 2009, keeps focusing on lithium ion phosphate (LiFePO4)  batteries with R&D, production, sale and after-sale services all together. Production factory, covering an area of 5000㎡, with 100+ staff, is ISO9001, ISO14001 certified. All the cells have been approved by MSDS, UN38.3, CE, IEC62133.

With more than 10-year experience in LiFePO4 batteries, HECO has a deep understanding of LiFePO4 batteries. HECO started from Pouch shape lifepo4 cells and gradually extended to cylindrical shape and then to prismatic shape. Making the cells to be battery packs is highly needed by customers. HECO market position is small-middle sized lithium battery packs for applications such as off grid energy storage batteries, light-duty power batteries, and portable equipment, etc. 




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