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How does low temperature affect lithium ion battery and what's the solution?

March 12, 2021

Lithium ion battery performance is highly affected by temperature.  The best use temperature is 25℃. Every 1℃ decrease will cause lithium ion battery capacity to fall 0.8%. So in winter lithium battery capacity falls a lot. If temperature is 0℃, lithium ion battery capacity will fall 20%.  And when the temperature is -20℃,the released capacity may fall to 50% of the rated capacity.


Usually, the cell manufacturer specify the discharging temperature range of lithium ion battery is -20℃~55℃ for LiFePO4 battery and -20℃~45℃ for NMC battery. And the charging current for lithium ion battery should be more than 0℃. So for most cases, in winter the lithium ion battery can discharge but the released power is much less, and people feel the running distance is much shorter than that in summer. To charge the battery, it's better to take the battery home especially in winter. Because below 0℃,the battery can't be full charged or even can't get any charging.


But people do need to use lithium ion battery under low temperature (below 0℃). Is there any solutions for lithium ion battery use under low temperature?

Heco New Energy offers two solutions:

Solution 1: preheating lithium ion battery ensure the optimum operating temperature for lithium battery so that ensure the best performance and lithium ion battery. A

Solution 2: use special-made low temperature lithium ion battery.  The battery price will be a little bit higher than common lithium ion battery.


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